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Earth to Body

Shampoo Bars by Earth to Body

Shampoo Bars by Earth to Body

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100% natural cold processed soap, superb nutrition for hair and scalp, for normal to troubled condition. Eco friendly, vegan, travels well, non-spilling. Ideal for all ages and all hair and skin. Excellent also as a shaving soap. *Can also be used on animals (even after skunking!). Avoid eyes.

Solid shampoo: with essential oils

ESP Solid Shampoo: “Our ESP shampoo has been specially designed to help soothe discomfort caused by eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis and dandruff. This shampoo-soap bar is similar to our regular shampoo bar, we just added emu, vetiver and gooseberry oils. It relieves dry, itchy irritated skin and scalp. Our ESP soap retains the same rich, moisturizing lather found in the popular bar soap-shampoo. » Earth To Body

How to Use:

As a Shampoo: Lather in hands or straight onto the scalp.

As a soap: Face and body as desired, Rinse

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