Initiatives to Reduce Our Footprint

From the very beginning, we have asked ourselves "How can we make the production of eco-friendly products in an environmentally-responsible way?" It's a question that has guided us in our decision-making from the beginning.  

Here a few of the things we do to keep waste out of landfills and leave as little trace as possible in our production process:

  • All fabric remnants go to the Papeterie St. Armand in Montreal. Since we use only 100% cotton and we cut the fabric before we wax, we can bag up all the fabric remnants and drop it off at the Papeterie to be made into their beautiful handmade paper. We also offer their paper for sale in our store.
  • Leftover parchment is re-bundled for resale. Did you know we package all our food wraps in a compostable parchment paper? You can actually use the packaging to bake on, then put in the compost. In order to wrap the food wraps, we cut the parchment to size, and what is left is bundled up in economical rolls and sold in store for a reduced price. It helps us keep our costs down, which we then pass on to you.
  • Extra cardboard is fed to our worms for compost. We picked up a vermicompost in 2020 and have seen our worm family grow! We reuse whatever boxes we can, but the odd sized ones get shredded. We feed the cardboard (along with our food scraps) to the worms. When the compost is ready, we bring it across the street to our pollinator garden and keep it nutrient-rich and happy.
  • We use the Planet App to offset our carbon emissions. With our switch to Shopify we were very pleased to see they offer this solution to help reduce our environmental impact.
  • Our cleanup is put to compost. We use cloths whenever we can for cleanup, but working with wax doesn't always allow you to do that. Beeswax, along with all our other ingredients are organic materials. When we do have to use paper towels, we simply put them in our city compost. We have also switched to brown paper towels, instead of the bleached white.
We hope we can add to the list as our business grows, finding new and innovative ways to reduce our impact on our environment.