B Factory Manifesto: Our Commitment to You

Close up of jumbled pile of pure beeswax one ounce bars

There's something about beeswax that is truly magical.

The sweet scent that will vary from season, region and producer. The beautiful yellow hues that range from pale eggshell to a dark yellow-green. The versatility, in balms and butters, candles and beeswax wraps. And the unsurpassed healing and antibacterial qualities that give beeswax an almost mythical air. 

At B Factory, we've chosen natural beeswax to be our our inspiration and our guide.

By keeping this ingredient at the core of our products, it pushes us to create and innovate.

As a natural ingredient sourced from the honeybee – an insect that's on the decline due to climate change and mankind's impacts on their environment  it's a constant reminder of our delicately balanced ecosystem.

Beeswax guides us all along our journey, from product development through production and then to you, our customer. And we ask ourselves this question: How has the product we've created impacted the environment? 

B Factory's goal is to make useful and beautiful products that leave little or no trace, from concept to end use.

Our promise to you: 

  • Make high-quality products that serve a purpose and look good too
  • Serve our community by offering ecologically responsible products
  • Help our customers and ourselves to reduce waste
  • Make reducing waste easy
  • Be compassionate with ourselves and others as we progress on this journey – we can all do something, but no one should be expected to do everything
  • Support local and global projects that are in alignment with our vision whenever possible (i.e., our pollinator garden across the street, and donating funds to organizations who support our vision)

We hope you join us in our commitment to making changes, however small, because over time they will make a difference.