Our Story

It all started with wanting to make sh*t and sell it. But not just any sh*t. Useful sh*t. Beautiful sh*t. And most of all, just like real sh*t, products that can go back into the earth and leave little trace.

In 2015, as Founder and Creator of B Factory, I began working with beeswax while running a blog on local food producers. With all of it’s healing properties, heavenly sweet scent and versatility, the options were endless and a huge inspiration for creativity. I began with making beeswax food wraps, and one of the first to be selling commercially in Canada. Soon after, I designed our beeswax sandwich wraps, then created a natural modeling wax for kids as well as our wood butter, a food-safe wood treatment for cutting boards and wood utensils.

Since 2015, we sell our products and other local brands that share our vision of less waste and a softer imprint on the world.

B Factory boutique-atelier opened its doors in Ste. Anne de Bellevue in 2018. We moved our workshop out of our tiny apartment to the space behind the store.  

Over the years, we’ve come to realize that no matter how much we do as consumers and individuals, it’s going to take more to create real lasting change and help for our planet. We need governments and large corporations to act. Our daily habits and actions do matter. But the solution to the climate crisis will not be solved solely by the individual consumer, unless we use our voice to move governments to hold large companies accountable.


As we move forward, our hope is that B Factory continues offering our beautiful products, and helps organize our community and raise our voices for change.