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Mieles Don Ferro

Melipona Honeys from Mieles Don Ferro

Melipona Honeys from Mieles Don Ferro

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Discover these very unique and rare honeys from the "melipona" stingless bee.

With 3 varieties to choose from :

  • Jatai Amber from Brazil
  • Beecheii Amber from Cuba
  • Costaricensis Light Amber from Columbia

Each jar is produced from a different species of stingless bee. 

What makes these honeys so unique?

Melipona bees are primarily from warm, temperate climates from Mexico to Argentina. They are considered "stingless" because their stinger has atrophied. They produce only 1-2 litres of honey per hive, per year (compared to the more common Apis Mellifera honeybee that produces around 25kg per colony per year).

With deforestation, pesticide use and other chemicals, these bees are becoming endangered in their native habitats. Melipona beekeepers who carry on the traditions of their ancestors ensure the survival of these precious bees.

Harvested by hand, 100% pure

Their honey is more liquidy than our usual honey, and has a higher fructose content. The taste is slightly tangy and floral, depending on the region it's produced. It's been harvested for thousands of years by the Mayans and been used for its healing properties for digestive disorders, low immune system, eye troubles and cuts and wounds.

Use a spoonful in the morning to give yourself an extra boost of energy. Use to sweeten your morning tea, or apply topically to cuts or wounds.


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