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Honey Tasting Workshop

Honey Tasting Workshop

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Enjoy the taste of honey like you never have before. Take a sensorial journey through the variety of flowers and regions and seasons and discover the differences in honeys from Quebec and other parts of the world. Not all honey tastes the same!

Through our 90-minute tasting, you'll compare 6 types of honey and begin to learn how to differentiate the different flavour profiles. 

An overhead view of 6 small jars of honey, a paper titled "honey comparison chart" and part of a plate with slices of green apple.

You'll then experience a few food pairings with the honey to see how different foods elevate the honeys when paired harmoniously.

At the end of the evening, you'll take home 6 sample honey jars, so you can continue your honey tasting adventure at home.

Six small hexagonal jars of honey of varying colours, set on a wood counter.

This is a great event for friends, families, bridal parties, corporate team building and more.

Four participants are required for the tasting to be held. If there are less than four, you'll be notified to find another date or receive a refund.

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