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Country Bee Honey Farm

Fireweed Honey from Country Bee Honey Farm

Fireweed Honey from Country Bee Honey Farm

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This fireweed honey is what brought us to discover Country Bee Honey Farm, and we are so glad we did!

Fireweed honey is a remarkable variety known for its unique flavor and ecological significance. This delectable honey is a beautiful testament to the interplay between nature and sustainability.

Fireweed often flourishes in disturbed or post-wildfire areas. The plant itself is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Fireweed honey boasts a delicate, sweet taste with a slightly spicy or tangy undertone, creating a flavor profile that's both distinct and delicious. Bees play a crucial role in the pollination of fireweed, which helps in the restoration of these ecosystems.

This honey's availability is often seasonal, making it a cherished and limited-time treat. So, for those who appreciate nature's resilience and a hint of the wild in their honey, fireweed honey is an excellent choice. 

From Campbell River, BC


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