Whipped Ganache Frosting

Whipped Ganache Frosting

This first recipe is not a recipe per se, but rather a serving suggestion for a delectable chocolatey product - Intermiel's dark chocolate and honey ganache.

If you like dark chocolate, you will LOVE this ganache. It's creamy and smooth and can be spread on toast or cakes.

It also works fantastic as a chocolate fondue dip. You can heat the whole jar in a bain marie, or take out what you need and put in a separate glass container and into the bain marie. Once heated, you can dip your favourite fruit and eat. The rich chocolate is a perfect compliment to strawberries, pineapple or apple.

The serving suggestion I want to highlight here is whipped ganache. It's so simple and yet will make a beautiful dessert to wow your guests. 

Ready for the super complicated instructions?

  1. Spoon some ganache into a bowl
  2. Whip with a beater
  3. Dip fruit or spread on cupcakes
  4. Decorate (optional)

That's it!

A white plate of strawberries topped with whipped dark chocolate honey ganache and red sprinkles


You can see that it naturally lightens in colour as you whip it. I just dipped/swirled the tops of the strawberries in the bowl, then added sprinkles on top. 

You can also use the whipped ganache to top cupcakes, cookies or cakes. Enjoy!

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