A hand holding a glass votive candle holder covered in soot

How to Remove Soot From Your Glass Candle Holder

Soot on your candle holder can happen to the best of us. We may forget to trim our wick, or we're busy with company and time passes. Or we may just be too damn lazy to get up and trim it. (Yes, this has sometimes been us). So now what?

We've read using rubbing alcohol or vinegar works. But what we find works the best? Oil.

Oil has this magical ability to soften the waxy soot, making it a breeze to clean off.

How to use oil to clean soot from glass candle holders & jars

Follow these simple steps to remove the soot from your favourite candle holders and glass candles jars:

  1. Pour a bit of vegetable oil into the glass.
  2. Rub it into the soot with a cloth that has a bit of scrubbing surface. In the video below, you can see that even with a soft cloth, you can still get pretty good results (we did finish with a scouring pad).
  3. Add some soap, rub again, and voilà! Your glass is clean! 

Now that you know how to remove soot from glass candle holders, make sure to check out our eco-friendly beeswax candles to give your home that sustainable warm glow.

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